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BodyFixers is an easy-to-use app that helps healthcare professionals and patients navigate what has become a major hurdle in alternative healthcare—TIME. Over the last five years, we have done extensive research studies on all major alternative healthcare professions and their outcome measures. Both professionals and patients mentioned time as being the #1 reason why they “can’t” continue or start treatment for ailments.

This push for convenience has propelled our society into the digital era, where individuals persistently seek convenience. Now, with BodyFixers, consumers can care for their health by scheduling immediate or future appointments with people just like you—skilled providers who seek to make their own schedules at prices they set.

Join BodyFixers as a provider today and start creating your own schedule now!

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The Benefits of Becoming a Provider

There are many benefits to becoming a provider with Body Fixers, including the following:

Make your own schedule

Set your own price

Travel within the area you desire

Non subscription based

No membership fees

AB5 compliant/independently contracted

Share your digital business card via text or social media

Do Business the Cost-Effective Way

Recently, many alternative medicine providers have increased their number of private clients to offset the costs of everyday business. This private-client model is without a doubt the most cost-effective way for the medical provider to supplement their incomes.

With the BodyFixers app, the marketing for private clients is done for you. Our only goal is to link you, the contractor, to the consumer to expedite treatment without the constraints of time.

How it Works

With BodyFxers, every contractor is an independent contractor. Once you register as a contractor on the app, consumers can view your profile and can select “your next available time” or a “set appointment” that works for both yours and the consumer’s schedule.

Register On the App

Create Your Bio

Set Your Schedule

Share Your Digital Business Card

We Ensure Your Safety

Both the consumer and the contractor agree to background screenings upon registering to ensure safety to both you and the consumer.

You Set Your Prices

At BodyFixers, our goal is to make YOU as independent as possible. As an independent contractor, you set your own price, which can be adjusted at any time. If you and the consumer accept the appointment time and price, you are good to go! After the service is marked as complete, both you and the consumer rate each another to guarantee full transparency moving forward. Payment for the service rendered is paid within 24 hours with all taxes and processing fees already included.

See How the BodyFixers Contractor App Works

Watch our instructional video to learn how to download the app, create your BodyFixers contractor profile, schedule your availability & start sharing your services with future clients.

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