What is the background checking process like?

The app automatically background checks every person—meaning both users and providers, before approval onto the platform. After the background check and in order to protect those who use BodyFixers, our team manually ensures criminal records do not exist. Once a person is approved, they are provided with full access to the app and can begin scheduling appointments!

How are providers verified?

When a provider begins the process to join the BodyFixers app, our BodyFixers team will manually check to see there are no dings on licenses. This ensures complete safety for those using the BodyFixers app.

Can I reject a patient’s request for an appointment?

Yes, a provider can decline an appointment at any time. In doing so, the patient is notified so they can make an alternative selection.

If I am a BodyFixers provider and a patient cancels their appointment, will I still be paid?

Yes, the provider will be paid if the consumer cancels on the same day.

Where do I have to travel?

Providers travel based on their accepted range. This means providers can set the distance/location they are willing to travel for appointments, giving them free range to create their own time-efficient schedules.

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is free. The only charges processed are on the consumer who is charged the processing and credit card processing fees.

Are there membership fees?

There are no membership fees or any other hidden fees on the BodyFixers app.

Why aren’t there any membership fees?

Due to COVID and the uncertainties brought about by 2020, our team at BodyFixers believe it’s only fair to have life in our favor.

How Much Does BodyFixers Take?

We take a maximum of 18% of the consumer payment after a completed session.  This 18% includes all payment processing and charges to operate.

What is AB-15?

AB-15 is the establishment of an independent contractor allowing providers to set their pricing, schedule, and where they want to visit clients. Our team at BodyFixers does not place any limitations on providers.

Do I have to worry about insurance?

Payments through BodyFixers are cash-based only so insurance authorizations are not accepted or necessary.

At this time, due to the pandemic and California shutdowns, professional massage services can only take place with a doctor or chiropractor referral. Can massage therapists still practice under BodyFixers?

Yes, because BodyFixers is owned and operated by a chiropractor, BodyFixers is deemed an essential business.