Where Does Low Back Pain Come From?

Can Chiropractic Care Answer Where Low Back Pain Comes From?

Identifying Origins of Low Back Pain

Picture this: you go to bed one night feeling like your awesome self, but the next morning, you wake up with an excruciating pain in your lower back. All you did between going to bed and waking up was sleep, leaving you confused as to how you are now burdened with this discomfort. To know how to cure it, you have to know the answer to this question: where does low back pain come from? BodyFixers will answer this, and explain how mobile chiropractors will cure it!

Lack of Physical Activity

A common misconception is that remaining dormant prevents low back pain; however, this is not true. We previously debunked this notion and pointed out studies that indicated participants who engaged in physical activity are less prone to experience low back pain. Forgoing physical exertion prohibits your back’s mobility, which results in pain and creates stiffness.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Once the aging process starts, intervertebral discs lose water and deteriorate. As this happens, you may develop painful tears and suffer from a weakened back. Your body communicates this to your brain by developing that lower back pain you are experiencing.

Muscle or Ligament Strain

If you are dealing with low back pain and have recently done some heavy lifting, it is likely that is the cause of your malaise. The weight combined with, maybe, an unfamiliar movement can be a shock to your back, putting it out of sorts for an extended period of time. If this pain goes ignored and the heavy lifting continues, you may suffer from muscle spasms in the near future.


Osteoarthritis, in particular, typically targets the lower back. It damages the facet joints between the vertebrae by thinning them out and applying pressure. Those suffering from it can usually attribute it to wear and tear, so as you age it can worsen and become more pronounced.


Even if low back pain is a relatively new condition, its roots could derive from a traumatic event that happened years before. Injuries sustained in instances such as a motor vehicle accident or a mishap playing sports are enough to cause low back pain further down the road. If you have endured either of those or any other traumatic accident in the past, do not skip out on being evaluated by a medical professional!

How Mobile Chiropractors Can Help

Low back pain is a common reason patients seek chiropractic care, so you can count on our mobile chiropractors being equipped to address yours! After evaluating your specific case, they will utilize their training in spinal manipulation, a manual treatment that exists to rehabilitate the spine. Undergoing this will enable you to:

  • Regain range of motion
  • Experience less nerve irritability
  • Boost overall functionality

If low back pain is hindering your ability to live comfortably, let a mobile chiropractor fix that!

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