How Reiki Reduces Pain and Helps Breathing

Reiki Lessens Pain and Improves Breathing

Reiki Lessens Pain and Supports Breathing

After conducting research of alternative types of medicine, medical professionals classify Reiki as a sufficient method to be a solution for multiple health ailments, confirming its broad influence on the human body. BodyFixers qualified specialists possess the necessary training to treat patients using this practice, and are here to explain how Reiki reduces pain and helps breathing!

Refresher on Reiki

Since Reiki does not have a huge presence in Western medicine, it is important to review what it is: an energy healing practice. The foundation of Reiki is the belief that a particular energy, qi (pronounced “chi”), supports the body’s ability to heal naturally. What BodyFixers mobile practitioners do is transfer qi by applying their hands-on techniques to the patients in need of treatment. One of the many positives Reiki has to offer is it is not invasive, eliminating the possibility of experiencing side effects prescriptions and other healthcare methods entail.

Reducing Pain

Reiki is a biofield therapy, which is a noninvasive therapy in which the practitioner exclusively treats a patient’s field of energy. After analyzing data from various studies, medical specialists have concluded biofield therapies, including Reiki, substantially lower pain’s intensity. However, Reiki’s most important contribution towards reducing pain is its impact on a patient’s emotions. ”Psychological Aspect of Pain” reveals the relationship between mental health and physical pain plays an instrumental role in what the patient suffers. By improving a patient’s mental health, Reiki increases the pain tolerance and lessens the perception of pain.

Improving Breathing

For as vital of a role as breathing plays, there is a general lack of awareness of how normalizing the breath is a productive way to relieve stress and maintain good health. Taking deep breaths is a common suggestion to people enduring high levels of stress or other detriments to mental health, but despite how easy it sounds, not everyone can successfully do this. Luckily for those people, Reiki exists! Qi resolves energetic clutter, the accumulation of emotions individuals no longer have to bear, and equips individuals to discover peace of mind.

Benefits of Reiki

Luckily for our patients, BodyFixers mobile practitioners are able to cure a plethora of conditions with their Reiki training:

  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Depression.
  • Asthma.
  • Anxiety.

Since it is able to treat such an extensive list of health-related issues, look to receive Reiki treatment the next time you experience any of these conditions!

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