Exercises to Reduce Neck Pain Risk

Exercise Reduces Neck Pain

Why So Many People Suffer from Neck Pain

During the course of a day, there are numerous activities that increase the likelihood of experiencing neck pain. Using electronic devices requires us to lean forward towards or look down at their screens. Back and neck muscles want to keep our heads upright but are fighting an uphill battle because of our need to engross ourselves with our devices. Eventually, this leads to forward head posture, or FHP for short. FHP inflames and injures multiple body parts:

  • Neck.
  • Head.
  • Shoulders.
  • Upper back.

Because our everyday activities are so prone to physically harming us, learning exercises to reduce the risk of neck pain is very important!

Exercise Reduces Risk of Neck Pain

Electronic devices play such an intricate role in our lives that asking to eliminate them is impossible for most, despite the pain they inflict on us. This is why proactively reducing your risk of suffering neck pain is so important! BodyFixers mobile chiropractors will teach you several exercises to reduce neck pain risk:

  • Stretch your pecs.
  • Shoulder external rotation strengthening.
  • Flies.
  • Chin Tucks.

During your session with one of our mobile chiropractors, we will show you how to properly execute these exercises and demonstrate more than what are listed above. An appointment with BodyFixers is the first step to minimize the risk of experiencing neck pain!

Alleviate Neck Pain On Your Own

Aside from the exercises our chiropractors will train you on, there are other activities you can practice simultaneously to diminish any neck pain you are experiencing. Over the course of one year, 367 workers participated in a study to unveil the benefits of walking. Those who increased their daily step counts by 1,000 steps lowered their risk of neck pain by 14 percent! Remembering to frequently walk, especially if you work in an office, can be very beneficial towards having a pain-free neck. Regularly practicing breathing exercises and meditating can also lessen neck muscle tension.

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