Chiropractic Management of Scoliosis

How Chiropractic Care Manages Scoliosis

Importance of Treating Scoliosis

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to how scoliosis is contracted, but we do know one thing: it requires treatment as soon as possible in order to avoid severe physical ailments. Most cases are mild, meaning the spine curves 10 to 15 degrees, but as your body develops, its curve may become more pronounced. Fortunately, BodyFixers’ chiropractic management of scoliosis serves as a preventative measure from it evolving into a more harmful problem!

Potential Symptoms

Just because you are not born with scoliosis does not mean you have forever avoided the condition. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, we advise seeing a mobile chiropractor for treatment:

  • A shoulder blade is elevated or extends further out than the other.
  • Hips have become uneven.
  • Muscle spasms are frequent or chronic back pain has developed.
  • Clothes fit unevenly.
  • Breathing is a challenge.

Symptoms are painful and maybe even a bit embarrassing, but BodyFixers can prevent them from continuing to affect your life!

Consequences if Untreated

Failing to let mobile chiropractors treat scoliosis can lead to serious side effects. For adolescents, pain is unlikely, but it is a different story for adults. Pain is the most prevalent outcome because the spine’s curvature is subject to a compressive force that damages the nerves and muscles that surround the spine. Since it connects to all body parts, pain may radiate to the:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Feet

Along with these strains, scoliosis is capable of compromising organ’s functions, such as impairing the lungs and creating digestive problems. Leaving the condition untreated is allowing it to evolve into something worse than it already is, so address it immediately!

How Chiropractors Manage Scoliosis

Now that we have emphasized how imperative it is to seek and receive treatment, it is time to discuss how mobile chiropractors manage scoliosis. By performing chiropractic adjustments on their patients, they decrease joint restrictions and work towards straightening misalignments. This is beneficial because it reduces inflammation and improves the functions of the joint and nervous systems. After being treated for scoliosis by a chiropractor, you will have:

  • Less pain
  • More flexibility
  • Greater range of motion
  • Better ability to live an active lifestyle

Shrink the impact scoliosis has on your life by signing up for BodyFixers chiropractic care!

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