4 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Can Propel the Alternative Medicine Industry Forward

4 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Can Propel the Alternative Medicine Industry Forward
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As we all know, the year 2020 was disturbed by the quick-spreading virus, causing a disruption in many alternative medicine offices. Like other businesses, many chiropractic and acupuncture offices, massage therapy shops, sports therapy offices, reiki studios, and more were caused to pause their services or close their doors for an indefinite amount of time. While we have all heard such practices have been put in place to protect the safety of all and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many others faced the harsh consequences of financial concern, causing many of those affected to think, “What’s next?” As other industries have found a workaround for these large shutdowns, the alternative medicine industry is a bit behind—that is, until now. Our team of Los Angeles on-demand alternative medicine providers is here to explain to you how COVID-19 can actually propel this industry forward—for good.

1.    Providers No Longer Have to Be Limited to an Office Setting

For decades, alternative medicine providers have had the luxury of working in their offices. While this model has withstood the test of time, with patients booking appointments between normal business hours, it has been a long time coming that the industry has needed to evolve with the convenience-driven society we live in today. As of now, patients have had to schedule time away from their homes, their places of work, and their families to make time for their health and wellness—never having the luxury to book self-care appointments in the comfort of their homes—where they no longer have to worry about fighting through traffic, finding a babysitter, or switching around their schedule in order for them to give attention to their personal well-being and physical conditions. With the pandemic still present, these complications have only worsened, and now it’s time for us providers to help our patients receive the level of care they need in a way that satisfies both patients’ busy schedules and ours as providers.

With the BodyFixers app, providers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and reiki practitioners alike can move beyond the office walls to deliver treatment to the patients whose lives have become even busier but whose bodies still crave the same therapy and treatment. Using the app, patients can book appointments within their own homes, at their work office, or, if they wish and their schedule permits, within the selected provider’s office. No longer will patients need to rearrange their livelihoods to make space for treatment. More than that, providers now have the luxury of showing their clients an even greater level of customer care by showing them that their health and wellness comes first—even with as unpredictable as our lives have become.

2.    Providers Can Set Their Own Rates

Within the office setting, many providers are paid a certain rate or percentage per appointment, and the office in which the provider works takes a certain rate or percentage. While this model has, again, worked for decades, this model fails to provide fair treatment to those who take on the responsibilities of servicing the patients. For too long, providers have worked within the financial parameters of their respective offices, but this pandemic has caused our team at BodyFixers to develop a more forward-thinking, front-footed approach to the alternative medicine industry—and one that allows providers to make the amount of money they deserve. Using the BodyFixers app, alternative medicine providers can now set their own rates without sharing money earned by their own work.

3.    Providers Service a Wider Range of Patients

Growing a clientele takes years of practice, dedication to clients, and, for some, depends largely on the reputation of the office in which the provider works. As such, the clientele can shift depending on location, whether or not the office is allowed to be open depending on the state or county’s orders, the permitted occupancy of the office due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. Additionally, patients are asked to evaluate their personal schedules, work schedules, and life to make time to travel to and from the respective office. As a provider of BodyFixers, however, providers can choose the area in which they are comfortable with traveling to clients. No longer must patients worry about clearing their schedules to make room for a health and wellness visit, and no longer must providers be confined to a certain clientele due purely to proximity or issues caused by the pandemic.

4.    Providers Can Now Set Their Own Hours

In the traditional alternative medicine setting, providers must serve patients within the limited hours of their office. While patients have found a way to make this method work (perhaps purely out of necessity rather than convenience), this model does little to serve patients with busy, less-modifiable schedules. For some, these limited hours of service disallow the ability to receive the proper treatment for their ailments. In fact, research shows that time is the number one reason so many must put aside their health and wellness needs.

In a similar manner, providers are limited with the amount of time they are able to help their patients—shrinking their available clientele even more. The BodyFixers app, however, allows alternative medicine providers to create their own hours—giving them the option to open availability for hours they are not in the office but would still like to help patients or open their entire schedules to build an even larger clientele around the clock. Setting hours is customizable and can be altered day to day, week to week, month to month, or permanently using the BodyFixers app. Make your own schedule without needing approval from an office and give your patients the treatment they deserve at a time that is convenient for you both!


The BodyFixers app is designed with one major focus in mind—to help alternative medicine providers grow their businesses and clientele—even during a time full of uncertainty caused by a pandemic. When you join the app, you’ll have the ability to set your own hours, set the area in which you’d like to work, and set your own rates without paying a single penny. Once you’re on the app, start letting your clients know that you’re open for business and can provide services at a time and price convenient for you both. The app also includes a built-in background checker to ensure safety for providers and patients alike. We promise to never take a percentage of your pay—because we believe that what you have earned is yours and yours alone!

Learn more about the BodyFixers app by learning more on our website or download the app and start building the clientele and schedule of your dreams!